Elephant Plains: How to Eat Acacias … Lesson from an Elephant

Andrew Reports from Elephant Plains: How to eat Acacias – Lesson from an Elephant

I guess that like the rest of the country this morning dawned all windy and rather chilly. We didn’t expect to see all that much and were very gratified to see plenty of game – buffalo bulls,


a bull elephant, duiker, Steenbuck, zebras, impala,


 and wildebeest, rhino, and so on.


This afternoon our first sighting was a mother elephant with the cutest of cute little calf. Mom gave us a lesson on how to feed from a thorny acacia. One gently uses the sensitive trunk to fold back those pesky thorns before guiding the leafy branch into ones mouth, thorns pointing outward so as not to be stabbed in the mouth by the sharp points. We watched her, fascinated, for more than thirty minutes.

After photographing a herd of zebras in the slanting rays of the evening sun, we turned our attention to the stunning colours of the sunset.

We had two wonderful sightings on the way back to the Lodge. First we saw a porcupine. He was so busy foraging in the grass for insects and grubs that he hardly lifted his head to see what was going on around him.

Then we saw a genet, preparing for an evening hunt, beautiful and sleek in the spotlight.

Tomorrow we plan to start our morning with a search for leopard tracks, which may hopefully lead to the owner of the tracks …