Elephant Plains: First a Leopard and Warthog encounter and then we investigate the sounds of Giggling Hyenas

From Brendan:

We really wanted to find the two courting leopards again this morning so we were very alert for any tracks. We found them and after just a few minutes we found both Tingana and Shadow. We were delighted to have this great opportunity to photograph the couple again.
They were still engaged in ensuring that the leopard species will continue, and the snarls, scraps, flirting and mating continued between brief strolls.
Suddenly, as couple was walking along a warthog leapt out of a hole in a termite mound right in front of the two. We were convinced that the leopards would ignore this possible feast and that they would prefer to continue with their amorous relationship.
We were wrong and in a flash the warthog disappeared into the bush with Tingana right behind him.
The squealing that then emanated from the area they had gone into was quite indescribable, and we hastily followed the sounds. When we arrived on the scene we saw that Tingana had grabbed the warthog, and just as we arrived, the warthog broke away and fled squealing and squealing away, leaving Tingana behind.
As we were photographing the courting couple again, another din broke out. This time we could hear that high pitched cackling or giggling that hyenas make when they are really excited.
So once again we followed the sounds.
We found the hyenas very close to their den and confronting four lionesses who had killed a young kudu right there and were now enjoying their meal.
The hyenas had two very big reasons for creating such a din. First, the lionesses were far too close to the hyena den for the hyenas’ comfort and they were trying very hard to discourage the lionesses from being in the area. Giggling, pacing, walking up and down, glowering, and creating a great fuss, the hyenas truly tried their best to intimidate the lionesses.
Secondly, the kudu would provide an excellent meal for the hyenas and they were trying their utmost to get the lionesses away from this potential hyena lunch.
However, the hyenas had no luck at this stage as the lionesses steadfastly enjoyed their meal, and there was no chance to steal the kill from the big cats.
This was such a fabulous ending to an exhilarating safari, and the group was really sorry when the time came to return to the Lodge for breakfast and departures.
When the new group arrived everyone was very keen to get going and to sample some of the experiences enjoyed by the previous safari.
We started on our afternoon drive and were greatly entertained by a troop of monkeys clambering around in the awesome light. A little later a bush baby provided some endearing photographs against the darkening sky.
After our break for sundowners we headed back to the lions who were resting after gorging themselves on the kudu. We took some peaceful shots of the contented animals and plan to return to them first thing in the morning …