Elephant Plains: A Pangolin steals the Limelight for today

Hilton shares today’s experiences

When we set out this morning the morning was overcast, grey, dull! When we came across a herd of elephants we were able to practice some really moody shots in the low light conditions.
Beautiful kudu also provided opportunities for us to experiment with different camera settings and hornbills provided amusement with their clumsy antics.
This afternoon provided another wonderful surprise for us. We saw a Pangolin!
Hardly able to believe our luck we took picture after picture after picture, thrilled that we had yet another unusual, rare sighting! And we had plenty of time to compose our shots really well.
The wish in this area is always to photograph a leopard – and another – and if possible yet another. Of course our wish came true again today. There was Tingana, the large dominant male who rules the area.
He had dragged his impala kill into a tree and was lying under the tree, occasionally grooming himself and stretching while keeping a look out for interlopers who might like to steal his kill. Backlighting and side lighting produced winning shots!
A large breeding herd of elephants delayed us for more images as we were returning to the Lodge for dinner.
What a fabulous day – elephants, leopards, a pangolin … we certain,y could not wish for more as we put the theory about photography that we had covered into practice in the most awesome situations!
I wonder what our morning drive will bring …