Elephant Plains: A Large Soptted Genet is the highlight of a wonderful day

From Hilton

We set out before dawn this morning with high hopes of seeing another leopard. Salayexe was such a treat yesterday and a repeat sighting was high on our wish list.
Finding tracks close to the Lodge we followed these, but before finding the owners of the tracks we found a pride of lions basking in the morning sunlight. We spent some quality time with them before moving on …
We thought that a visit to the hyena den would be good – and it was!
The cubs were playing, watched by the relaxed adults. We practiced daylight fill in flash photography and managed some excellent shots.
In between bird photography and catching up on other species common to the area we had an unbelievable stroke of luck.
We found a Large Spotted Genet right next to the road …
… and most unusually we spent at least twenty minutes photographing the usually shy, retiring animal as it foraged in the grass and on termite mounds, totally unperturbed by our presence!
After two such exciting and full days everyone is really geared up for the morning …