Elephant Plains: A Day of Variety with Leaping Impala, a Side-striped Jackal, Buffalo, – and Lions

From Brendon Cremer

After all the action yesterday we were keen to get going this morning. The chilly, crisp air was perfect for photography, and we certainly made the best of the morning light.
Different birds, including a very cooperative Pearl-spotted Owlet provided some excellent early images for us.
We heard lions fairly close by, and decided to follow the sounds. As we travelled toward the sounds, we found a large herd of buffalo. They provided such wonderful photo opps that we remained with them for some time capturing really worthwhile photographs. All the while we could hear the lions close by.
During the afternoon drive, we again decided to follow the sounds of the lions.
This time we were diverted by impala that were running and jumping across an open expanse, and we were able to practice our panning shots of their beautiful activity.
While photographing the impala, a side-striped jackal wandered into the open area, and we could extend our panning practices to include action shots of this normally quite elusive animal.
We encountered the pride of lions soon after enjoying our sundowners in the bush.
Five lionesses including one with a missing tail made the pride easy to identify as the Lala pride.
They looked so magnificent in the fading light, and we all managed to capture photos of them walking toward us in the spotlights,
then with back lighting, and side lighting.
Following them in the increasing darkness and with the photographs we were able to capture meant that we had a wonderful end to a another wonderful day in the bush.
We plan to leave as early as possible again in the morning to catch up with this pride of five lionesses …