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Dunes, Desert Animals, and Star Trails …

Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour
(All Photos from back of Dawie and Tusk Guest Cameras)

What a beautiful morning we woke up to this morning … and what a setting to experience it! It was glorious.

After a sumptuous breakfast at our hotel and fortified with coffee we set out for the dunes. We were really hoping to see a few animals and had our fingers crossed that an oryx and/or a Springbok would put in an appearance.

Well, luck was fully on our side. We collected great photographs of Gemsbok (Oryx) running around, and were then lucky enough to see a number of springbok as well. The setting was exactly what we hoped for and we certainly took full advantage of each moment.

We spent 3 to 4 hours photographing oryx in different locations. We drove up and down the road as we searched for them, and stopped regularly to photograph the beautiful dunes, notably the dune spines that curve so sinuously and create such beautiful shapes.

Back at the Lodge we spent time going through our images, and used the day’s photos for our Lightroom workshop.

We relaxed for a while before we left for Dead Vlei for late afternoon shots. It was quite a breezy afternoon, with dust swirling around. The dust clouds created ever changing patterns, together with the stark dead trees, the magnificent dunes, and the vibrant sunset colours meant that our photography was ultra successful. The golden light with the eery, stark tree silhouettes looked amazing and our pics turned out brilliantly!

As darkness took over we set up our cameras and left them out in the desert to capture star trails through the night. When we return at first light to retrieve our camera equipment we will be able to see to what extent we have been successful …

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