Duba Plains’s Relentless Eenemies

ODP Safaris – Trip report of our last safari to Duba Plains by Wim van den Heever

How does one begin to describe and share the amazing feelings, experiences, drama, beauty, sightings and photo ops that make up a safari at Duba Plains?

The answer is you cannot!

But let me share just a few snippets from one of our last safari with you:
Besides the huge selection of animals and birds to photograph one of the biggest reasons we visit Duba Plains is to photograph the ongoing interaction between Lion and Buffalo.
The relentless daily struggle between these two species has been captured on movies and documentaries by world famous cinematographers and mentors Derek and Beverley Joubert.

Who can forget the incredible scenes we have seen such as in the ‘Last Lions’ and ‘Relentless Enemies’.

With this in mind, I cannot really describe that phenomenal feeling of tension, awe, some anxiety and overall excitement as you follow a pride of lions day by day as you become a part of their day, get absorbed in their interactions, enjoy their relaxing family interactions, and stare wide-