Duba Plains: We Successfully Track Two Prides of Lions

Brendon’s Bush News

We arrived at a very warm Duba Plains after a short but beautiful flight from our connection in Maun.

We could barely wait to get started and after a rapid briefing and a quick meal we set out on our first game drive of this safari.

It didn’t take long for our excitement to start – we found lion tracks and followed these carefully, checking around in all directions all the time, but not giving the plentiful game our attention as we peered at the tracks. We could see that there was more than one lion and tension grew as our guide told us we were getting closer to the track makers.

And we found not one but two prides of lions lying within about 50 metres of each other. Both prides were draped across various termite mounds and other small outcrops so that they could keep a somewhat lazy eye on their surroundings.



Photo: Hilton Kotze

The first pride consisted of seven individuals and the second had four adults and two cubs aged about four months.

The afternoon light was just perfect for photography and we spent the remainder of our time out with the two prides. We watched with delight as the cubs played, rolled around and stalked the adults swishing tails while the adults looked down imperiously from their elevated positions on the termite mounds.

As the sun started to set both prides got up in a very leisurely fashion and strolled slowly into the bush, presumably searching for a suitable place to spend the night.

Neither pride has eaten for four days. Meaning that we are quite sure that there should be some hunting action tomorrow. The buffalo are at an area in Silver – Eye’s territory, so our plan for tomorrow is to first check on the two prides from this afternoon and then to visit Silver – Eye …

We are enjoying a delicious meal under a sky simply blazing with stars. The stars are brighter than ever and on the distant horizon we can see some lightning which adds to the beauty of the evening.

Holding thumbs for that possible lion action tomorrow …