Duba Plains: We Join a Male Lion to Track a Herd of Buffalo together

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Brendon’s Bulletin  …

First – apologies for this late update … connection hassles!

We had left the pride of six lions getting closer and closer to the large herd of buffalo and we dashed there in the early darkness yesterday morning to find them. We have been so lucky to see so many lions in the past few days and our enthusiasm seems to increase with each encounter. 

We picked up the buffalo spoor and started to follow them and while tracking them we joined up with an adult male lion who had the same goal … he was also following the buffalo. We got great shots of him in the early deep golden light as we traveled along together. He was striding along really purposefully and we realised that he may just decide to hunt on his own. That is not unknown for this lion!

What a group we were … photographers and lion all with the same intent – find those buffalo! The excitement was quite breathtaking –

As we neared the buffalo we pulled ahead of the lion to circle the herd in search of the pride of lions that had been close by. There was no sign of them and when the male lion appeared he also circled the buffalo a few times contact calling all the time. When there was no response to his calls he settled under a nearby bush, watching the buffalo as intently as we were watching him all the time.

By now the buffalo were very close to Paradise Island and soon, against our hopes, they started to cross over to the island which is inaccessible to us. We were unable to follow but we continued to capture some lovely images of the lion as he waited and watched for a while and then moved along after the buffalo again.

By now it was time to return to the camp and for the current ODP Safari group to bid us farewell as they return home with hearts and memory cards filled with hundreds of winning memories.

The new group arrived, keen and very excited when they heard of all the activities and sightings that we have enjoyed during the past days. After our briefing we set out and headed straight to the lion pride with the two cubs.

They were still enjoying the last of their buffalo kill, and we were able to spend the afternoon photographing the exciting interactions. As the available scraps of food diminished, the tempers grew shorter and shorter and snarls and growls echoed around the plains. A few skirmishes erupted over the odd tendon or hoof, with the cubs joining in and mock fighting, creeping along and stealing bits from time to time.

We remained with the busy pride until the approaching darkness meant it would be time to return to the Camp for dinner. In the morning we would like to return to the pride to check on their activities …