Duba Plains: Silver-eye eludes us, but we find the other prides

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Brendon’s Bulletin  …

Having left Silver-eye and her hungry pride very close to the large herd of buffalo last night …


…we dashed straight there this morning. 

It was quite easy to find the buffalo and we knew that it would be just as easy to find 
Silver-eye and her pride. The buffalo were still lying down and mostly asleep so we started to scout around in ever increasing circles, knowing that she would be close by. As the loops grew larger and larger we started to realise with some surprise that the lions had indeed left the area and disappeared onto Paradise Island.

The morning light being superb again we returned to the buffalo to get shots of them waking up and starting to move around. There were lovely shots of them passing in single file through one of the water channels with the soft colours of the sunrise all around. 

Moving on we decided to find one of the other lion prides. This time we were spot on and found a pride of six lions heading slowly but surely toward the buffalo herd.this was the pride that had the previous kill and they are not hungry enough yet to start tracking the buffalo with any urgency, but they doggedly moved closer and closer … anticipating a kill maybe tomorrow or so.

Before heading back to the camp for brunch we were busy with some excellent bird photography when we spotted two Bat-eared foxes with three small pups aged about two months. 

Our delight increased more and more as the youngsters played, and toddled after their parents. 

Shortly after we found a pair of Side-striped Jackals searching for rodents in the grass and once again we were thrilled to be able to take numerous photos of their busy activities.

After lunch we headed back to where the buffalo had been, but the lions close to them were still not showing much interest, although they remained close to the herd. We spent some time in the area photographing the lions and the buffalo with oxpeckers in the late afternoon light.

Now we knew that Silver-eye and her pride were on Paradise Island, and this well fed pride was here – but where was the third pride? The pride with the two cubs? We found them not far away – and with a fresh kill. The pride caught a very small buffalo calf during the course of the afternoon and were settling down to enjoy their meal.

The cubs had great fun, pulling, tearing and running away with bits of meat while our cameras worked busily capturing the interactions between the members if the pride. 

The kill is very small and this pride will probably have to hunt again tomorrow.

While we enjoyed our sundowners we saw that the pride of lions from earlier were on the move again. By now they were getting really close to the buffalo. Hopefully they will remain close to the herd overnight and our plan is to head straight here before dawn tomorrow morning …