Duba Plains: Silver-eye and her Pride hunt Buffalo which then return from Paradise Island

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Brendon’s News …

It was a dark, gloomy, overcast morning when we started out heading toward the Paradise Island area, hoping that the buffalo have crossed back to Duba Plains.

On the way we again found the Side-striped Jackal mother and her pup. They were foraging around outside their den and we managed great action photographs the pup was playing and stopping his mother to suckle from time to time, interrupting her search for small rodents.

And when we left the jackals we again bumped into the Bat-eared fox family. We were delighted to see them again. The parents and their three pups were also on the move, and as the light started to improve we captured photographs of the family and their actions and interactions without the use of external light sources.

When we reached Leopard Point … a spot very close to Paradise Island we could hear the buffalo across the channel but none were visible from there. Following the sound and the shoreline the sounds grew closer and closer. Eventually we sighted the herd just across the channel – and they were being closely followed by Silver-eye, and the remainder of her pride – including the large male.

We were able to see both the buffalo and the lions quite clearly although they were still a distance away across the channel. We watched, tense, as the lions stalked the buffalo and gave chase. Spying some lechwe the lions stalked them and chased them, but quickly returned their attention back to the buffalo. It was a little frustrating to be so near and yet not close enough, but the action kept us spellbound until it was time for our morning coffee break.

During our break we listened carefully to hear sounds of the buffalo approaching closer. Suddenly there was an almighty yell – an urgent distressed bellow from a buffalo. We looked up and saw a cloud of dust created by running buffalo. The action had come to a head and we surmised that the pride had managed to catch their meal.

By now it was raining and we returned to the Camp for lunch, venturing out again when the rain eased up in the afternoon.

We arrived back at the spot where we had seen the buffalo across the channel, and found buffalo tracks on the near side of the water. Soon after, the buffalo were sighted. They were moving well into the Duba territory and are within meters of the territory where the six very hungry lions reside. These lions have not eaten for ages and will be excited by the return of the buffalo. One can almost imagine them pricking up their ears at the sound of the returning herds, and lifting their noses to catch the scent on the breeze.

This evening we are seated out under the stars at the Camp, enjoying our predinner drinks and discussing the amazing sights we have seen … and planning to return to the hungry pride and the nearby buffalo as early as we can …