Duba Plains Safari: More Honeymooning Lions

Brendon’s News from the Duba Plains: More Honeymooning Lions …

The lions called again last night and early this morning – and as they were not far from the Lodge we immediately went in search of them this morning.

We looped around, and of course we found tracks – but no lions, so off we went to find the buffalo and hopefully some close by lions. The buffalo were just stirring as we arrived,-

6 Wim Buff-846-33

– creating some lovely golden dust in the early rays of the sun.

So another set of loops … this time around the buffalo, but again no lions! Surely they should be getting hungry and close to the buffalo? Anyway, we finally found one male with two lionesses very close to where we left them last night. The were resting in the shade of a large termite mound and showed no sign of waking – or movement.

We left the sleeping trio and went in search of other lions.

On the way we had a great fun and a challenging time photographing Carmine Bee-eaters. They flew along next to our vehicle, catching insects as they went. We had an interesting time photographing them from our bumpy vehicle but ended up with some really successful shots.

6 Bren CBE1759-5

We were so engrossed that we hardly noticed when the time came to return to the Lodge, with a quick check on the whereabouts of the buffalo herd and the lions. The buffalo had moved quite a distance from the sleeping lions and were grazing next to a wide water channel.

Our first visit this afternoon again was to the buffalo and lions but although the distance between them had widened, there was nothing further to see.

We had greater luck when we scouted around Leopard Point. A very handsome, healthy male and a lioness from the Skinner pride were in an open area – and mating. This intruding pride has annexed a large area in the north. They are from a neighboring territory, but took over the extra territory when they found no sign of other lions patrolling there.

6 Bren Lion2-37-147

We spent ages with the amorous couple and left as the sun began to set to check on the small pride and the buffalo. The distance between them has widened even more. The lions were up and about and walking even further from the buffalo again … and like last evening, we could hear the second male from their little pride calling repeatedly. The trio seemed to ignore this – maybe because the male is still ‘honeymooning’ and is possibly too absorbed to respond.

Well, the lions have not eaten since we arrived … and tomorrow is another day …