Duba Plains: Porcupines after Sunset

Wim Reports: 

We arrived at Duba Plains quite late and set out immediately to make the most of the afternoon.

Hearing that the last lion kill was more than two days ago we headed toward the buffalo and when we found the herd a search of the area yielded no results. The area was so beautiful that we stopped there … within sight of the buffalo herd … to enjoy the sunset with our sundowners.



On the way back to camp we found three porcupines snuffling around dgfev online casino as they foraged under bushes and in the grass for grubs. They did not even seem to notice the spotlights on them as we photographed the trio.

Back at the Camp, we are sitting around under the brilliant stars, listening to the sounds of hyenas and other animals not far from here.

Tomorrow we plan to return to the buffalo herd and with more time available hopefully we will meet up with Silver – Eye … or one of the other lion prides …