Duba Plains : Exciting, Relentless, Ongoing Lion Attacks

Well, the visiting elephant hung around until everyone went to sleep last night, minding his own business and not too concerned about the people at Duba Plains.

This morning he was still browsing around, enjoying a beautiful morning, and still nibbling quietly from the trees. Everyone moved carefully and respectfully around the camp.
Arriving on the Plains in the golden mist provided more of those magical, eerie dawn photographs, before catching up with the pride of 12 lions.
And yet another unbelievable day proceeded to unfold!
The lions were enjoying the beautiful morning, with the cubs jumping and leaping around, playing with the adults, tumbling and stalking each other through the short grass.
Then a stray, lost or confused warthog walked right in to the middle of the pride. Suddenly he realised where he was and looked around frantically. Lions on all sides! And these are hungry lions, with no meal for more than a week.
He scampered this way, and that, the lions in pursuit …
… and no- one knows how, but he managed to escape! This was quite unbelievable.
The astonished photographers caught the amazing action – and are well satisfied.
But this was a short prelude to what was about to unfold for the next 4 or 5 hours!
Now that they were all up and about, the lions quickly moved to where the buffalo herd was, and as soon as they caught up with them, they started a relentless series of attacks in the herd. Nonstop, attack after attack. Unbelievable, heart stopping, ongoing, terrifying action! Hour after incredible hour!
The ODP Safari group soon saw what the focus of attention was. A cow had just given birth, and the calf, with the umbilical cord still dangling and getting in the way, proved to be a major attraction for the lions.
Again and again the lions tried to attack the vulnerable newborn, who would stumble away, surrounded by the herd.