Duba Plains, Botswana. Day 2

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Who would have thought that two consecutive days could be so exciting.

The whole ODP Safari group was up by 4am and after a really hearty breakfast, everyone was raring to set off by 5 and to track the two prides of lions from the previous day.

All the members of the first pride were still sated from feasting on the young elephant. They were relaxing and enjoying their full stomachs. After some very satisfying photographs, the ODP Safari group left to go in search of the second pride … The pride that was getting closer to the buffalo herd.

When the second pride of lions was discovered, they were surprisingly still quite a distance from the buffalo. They had not eaten for some time and appeared quite hungry. They were definitely going to hunt. The ODP Safari group followed them presumably en route to the buffalo. But nature always has surprises.

Suddenly they encountered a large group of warthog and within moments they had captured two young warthogs.

Now, a very exciting time ensued, with wonderful photographic opportunities. Imagine seven hungry lions trying to feed on two small warthogs. Well, you can certainly imagine the interactions between the three adult and four sub-adult cats, all trying to get enough to allow their hunger to abate.

Obviously there was not enough for all, but everyone on the ODP Safari was able to capture really good interactions between the animals.

Having finished their snacks, the lions were again on their way.

After returning to camp for their lunch, the ODO Safari group again set off to see what this pride was up to.