Duba Plains: An Excellent Ending to an Action – Packed, Spectacular Safari

From Brendon

Our last morning of this fabulous safari found us searching for the buffalo in the early morning mist. We photographed lechwe, tsesebe and elephants in the glorious light before finding the buffalo in Silver – Eye’s territory. 

The buffalo were still lying down so we drove in ever increasing circles around them in an attempt to find lions. Lions often come closer when they hear the buffalos arrive in their areas, but this time there was no sign of Silver – Eye or her pride.

We left to try and find the lions that had chased the warthogs last evening. They should be keen to hunt today. While searching for them we found the pride of six lions – the ones that had the now finished buffalo kill. The pride members were all still very full, and other than moving out onto the plains where they draped themselves on termite mounds, they were lethargic and very relaxed. This gave us plenty of time to compose some great photographs and we relished these last minutes that we could spend with them.

We just had time to return again to the buffalo to see if any activity was developing, but all was peaceful in that area.

On the way back to the Lodge we came across the single lioness with her two cubs. They were lying sprawled out in the open, giving us ample opportunities for great farewell photographs.

We all agreed that this was a suitable ending to a spectacular, action-packed safari, with every exciting opportunity one could wish for. We all agreed wholeheartedly that we will be back …