Duba Plains: A playful herd of elephants disturbs a feeding pride of lions.

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From Brendon:

Sometimes when we go on a safari we encounter those wonderful days when nature seems to conspire to provide the most beautiful experiences for us. Today was one of those days. There has been very little rain here in the Delta, so the water levels are quite low. This enhances  visibility and the surrounding vegetation somehow seems greener and lovelier than ever, and getting around is very easy.

We landed at Duba at around 1500. The flight was beautiful, giving us our first glimpses of the scenic area and we captured some lovely shots on the way in. Then after a light meal and a quick briefing we set out on our first game drive.

We were informed that one of the three local prides of lions had captured a buffalo this morning. The other two prides are quite hungry and have reportedly not eaten for quite a few days.

We headed straight to the pride with the buffalo kill, and there we found five adult lionesses with two cubs aged around four months. They were in a very open area and we positioned ourselves to watch the actions and interactions of the lions. They were all busily feeding on the buffalo and the afternoon golden light was simply marvellous for photography, and to simply enjoy. We watched enthral led as the cubs climbed all over the buffalo, leaping and falling off occasionally. The adults meanwhile dragged the carcass around, and turned it over from time to time to reach the more succulent bits. 

The sight was so absorbing to watch and photograph that we spent the entire afternoon at the same spot hardly noticing that time was passing.

In fact we did not have to move from that spot at all! As we were watching the lions a large herd of elephant arrived, causing the lions to retreat to a respectful distance … but not far away. The elephants were also very active and we watched as they chased each other, played around, and enjoyed the late afternoon while we took photographs interspersed with oohs, aahs, and did- you- see- that’s. 

Returning to camp we noticed that the large herd of buffalo is only about one kilometre from the camp. We are looking forward to heading out really early – before dawn to catch up with the buffalo and hopefully one of the other hungry prides of lions …