Duba Plains: A Day of Photographic Variety and an Encounter with a Martial Eagle

From Wim van den Heever in the Bush:

We left before dawn this morning again so that we could be on the Plains to take full advantage of the beautiful morning mist, with the first rays of sun breaking through and creating magnificent photographic opportunities for all.
And of course we wanted to be there when at least one of the prides of lion woke up. As you know, Silver – Eye and her pride started to hunt again yesterday after their successful kill on Monday. The other pride has eaten very little – only that buffalo calf two days ago, which is hardly enough for twelve lions!
As we arrived on the Plains we found the first pride and here we stopped for some time. The photographic opportunities were just too marvellous to miss. The lions, family interactions, playing, grooming each other with that gorgeous orange mist all around was indescribably beautiful.
Then some of the youngsters started climbing trees, and playing around in the tees, making even more wonderful photo opps.
The buffalo were still quite a distance away so we realised that this pride would not hunt until the herd returns from Silver – Eye’s territory, so we decided to move further on to the Plains to see if we could catch up with Silver -Eye and her pride. We had left them in hunting mode last night, and we were keen to see if they would hunt again today, especially with the buffalo in her territory.
As we reached Silver – Eye and her pride