A Different Surprise Guest Interrupts our Sundowners …

Ben’s Update from Ta Sebube Lodge on the on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

During the night and early hours of the morning we could hear lions roaring repeatedly – and they sounded close to the camp. We immediately went in search of them when our morning game drive started and wow! There were lion tracks everywhere. We followed them along the sand track that leads to the Lodge, and then to the Nossob River Valley. The tracks were very fresh and led us to two subadults strolling along in the early predawn greyness. We remained with them all the while until they veered away and disappeared over a dune. We were able photograph them using different techniques, including panning shots that everyone enjoyed.

We then travelled to the Auob River where we hoped to see one of the small cats like the African Wild Cat or a Bat-eared Fox.

On the road we photographed Eland, Springbok, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, and Ostriches. Then we came to a Cape Fox den. The little fox was outside the den but was quite shy and after giving us a chance to take some quick photographs it scurried back into the safety of its den.

We continued and were delighted to find exactly what we were looking for – an African Wildcat. It was resting in a Camelthorn tree right next to the road. We managed to find some spots that gave us clear visibility for our images while the cat gazed back intently at us, wondering what on earth we were up to.

From there we headed back towards Twee Rivieren. On the way there was plenty of Plains Game again with Springbok, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, and Ostriches that seem to be almost everywhere. And a Martial Eagle posed for us next to the road.

Then we found a cheetah. He was resting under a tree and as it was time to get back to the Lodge we decided that this was where we would start in the afternoon, and this is exactly what we did.

On the way back we spotted another cheetah resting under a tree but as it was about a hundred meters from the road we carried until we came across the cheetah we had seen in the morning. He was sprawled across the road, enjoying a good rest. We remained with him as he lounged in the road and occasionally rolled in the dust. In the later afternoon he got up, stretched, and then walked a little further down the road before he collapsed back onto the warm surface of the road and fell asleep again.

We drove back to the Lodge for sundowners where our predinner drinks were interrupted with a bit of excitement. A Brown Hyena arrived and started to sniff around the edges of the property – but as soon as he became aware of our presence he melted away into the gloomy evening. It was a fabulous end to a superb day.

In the morning we may head back to that cheetah again …