Embark on an extraordinary journey to Svalbard, Norway, a pristine Arctic destination where rugged landscapes and captivating wildlife combine for an unforgettable expedition.

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People live on the Svalbard Archipelago of Norway


Months of the year, the sun don’t set


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2 530

People live on the Svalbard Archipelago of Norway


Months of the year, the sun don’t set


Month polar night

About Norway

Norway is a unique and remote destination known for its untouched wilderness, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking scenery.


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Discover a selection of reasons why this destination is the perfect match for you. Embark on an adventure that promises to fulfil your wanderlust and create cherished memories, as this destination caters to your unique desires and ensures an unforgettable travel experience.


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Explore our comprehensive FAQ section where we provide informative answers to address all your questions and curiosities.

Svalbard is known for its stunning Arctic landscapes, polar bear sightings, and unique wildlife encounters.

The best time to visit Svalbard is during the summer months, from May to September, when the weather is milder, and wildlife is more active.

No, Svalbard is a visa-free zone, allowing visitors to explore the archipelago without a visa. However, travellers who are required to have a visa to enter mainland Norway or the Schengen area must obtain a Schengen visa if they choose to travel through mainland Norway or the Schengen area.

Yes, Svalbard is generally considered a safe destination. However, it’s important to follow the guidelines provided by local authorities and be aware of the potential risks associated with the Arctic environment.

The main gateway to Svalbard is Longyearbyen, and you can reach it by flying from mainland Norway. Several airlines operate regular flights to Svalbard.

Yes, Svalbard offers excellent opportunities to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights from September to April, with the peak season being in winter.

Svalbard has a cold Arctic climate, with long and cold winters and short, cool summers. It is important to dress in warm, layered clothing, we trust Craghoppers for all our arctic clothing, and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Yes, there is Wi-Fi and mobile network coverage in Svalbard, particularly in populated areas like Longyearbyen. However, coverage might be limited in more remote locations.

In Svalbard, you can encounter a variety of wildlife, including polar bears, reindeer, Arctic foxes, walruses, seals, and numerous bird species such as puffins and Arctic terns.

The currency used in Svalbard is the Norwegian Krone (NOK).

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in most establishments in Svalbard, including hotels, restaurants, and shops. However, it’s advisable to carry some cash for smaller businesses or when venturing into more remote areas.

Yes, besides polar bears, Svalbard is home to a diverse range of Arctic animals, including reindeer, Arctic foxes, seals, walruses, and various bird species.

It is important to dress in warm, layered clothing and have proper Arctic gear, including a good quality winter jacket, thermal layers, hats, gloves, and waterproof boots when visiting Svalbard. We trust Craghoppers with all our clothing for Svalbard expeditions!

By visiting Svalbard responsibly and supporting local conservation initiatives, you can contribute to Arctic conservation efforts. Additionally, following guidelines for wildlife encounters and minimizing your environmental impact are essential.


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