What a Day! Cape Fox Babies, a Brown Hyena Kill, a Springbok Birth …

Dawie’s Update from Ta Sebube Lodge on the on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

What a hectic, fabulous, amazing day! We were bombarded with beautiful sightings from the moment we left the Lodge shortly before sunrise.

First we came across a pair of Cape Foxes. Not only that! They had three of the cutest little babies with them. We remained with the adorable little pups until the sun rose and we were able to capture that beautiful warm golden light as the three played their puppy games. Cute isn’t even the word for those little bundles! They darted in and out of their foxhole, getting in the way of their very patient mother who was digging and clearing out their little den. Typical of children anywhere –

After this we drove toward the Nossob river. Suddenly a Brown Hyena appeared, and ran in almost a blur across the road. What was happening? We stopped and peered into the bush. The hyena darted around as we tried to take photographs. The hyena was very anxious – and then we noticed that it had a Cape Fox in its mouth. The hyena must have killed the fox moments before and was running away from wherever he had grabbed his prey. No wonder he was so very nervous, and we watched as he darted back and forth before he disappeared from view over a ridge.

We continued our drive, keeping a lookout for further action. The setting is so very beautiful here with the dunes and the trees and we stopped frequently to photograph Oryx, Springbok, Wildebeest and other Plains animals.

We heard that a Cheetah had been spotted south of where we were, and we quickly turned to head to that sighting. Unfortunately we missed the Cheetah, but as we continued our drive we came across a Springbok giving birth. We arrived just as the hooves started to show. We waited, and were able to witness the whole event, and the first hesitant, tottering steps of the newborn. What an amazing experience that was for everyone.

Before we returned to the Lodge for lunch we practised some high-key photography again. And on the way to the Lodge we saw Bat-eared Foxes, a Leopard Tortoise, and plenty of small creatures.

This afternoon we wanted to find a Caracal that we heard had been seen lurking in a defined area. On the way we took panning shots of Wildebeest around a waterhole. And we photographed a number of different birds as well as more Springbok and Wildebeest. We stopped again for Whistling Rats as they foraged around in the veld. We took so long that we never actually got to see a Caracal.

We headed back towards the Lodge, having heard that Lions had been spotted at another waterhole. We stopped close to the waterhole when we saw a pair of Purple Rollers in a tree next to the road. As we photographed the Rollers we could see the waterhole clearly, and there was a lioness, enjoying a long drink. We rushed there in time to photograph her drinking and when she finished she delighted us by taking a stroll directly towards us.

What a perfect ending to a really eventful day! So many different, amazing experiences – and we are all ready for more tomorrow …