Day 2 August ODP Elephant Plains Photographic Safari

Despite the second day of our Elephant Plains Photographic Safari producing less than ideal weather conditions, our morning started off with a bang. Shortly after leaving camp each vehicle came across 2 different prides of lions with kills, the Tsalalas with a young Kudu bull and an unknown pride of 5 male lions on a buffalo kill, both produced some great photographic opportunities. Shortly after leaving the respective prides of lions we saw the female leopard Thandi and her +- 7 month old cub with a duiker kill up in a marula tree, the cub is still a little shy of the vehicles and kept a little distance away but we managed some great images of Thandi up in the tree.

Photo By Hilton Kotze

The afternoon safari we went back too the pride of 5 male lions and spent a substantial amount of time there photographing them feeding, always an incredible sighting with sounds that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. As the sun set and the light faded we worked on some great backlighting techniques that produced some stunning images!

Photo by Hilton Kotze

More updates to follow by Brendon and Hilton