Daily Diary: Ngorongoro Crater – Tanzania (Day 2)

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All three vehicles with excited ODP Safari guests were ready to depart early and reach the Ngorongoro Crater gate as early as possible.

As the vehicles descended from the rim into the crater, the entire world seemed to open up before them. Spectacular vistas in all directions meant that cameras were again clicking furiously.
The crater measures 18 km by 16 km with 600 m high walls, and is a captive area for a variety of animal. Imagine over 25000 large mammals in this area!. Zebra and wildebeest abound, and of course there are numerous predators, including many lion clans … and numerous hyena clans.

Two of the vehicles managed to see two kills. The first was a small wildebeest calf … taken by hyenas. And the second? A Thomsons gazelle … also taken by hyenas.
The third vehicle witnessed and followed a lion hunt, but this proved to be unsuccessful, and the warthog lived to enjoy the area for another day.
A short while later a pride of nine lions provided excellent action shots as they jumped over a river. The sizes ranged from a large male to two very small cubs.
Lunch was enjoyed while overlooking the lake while black kites circles and whirled around.
Clouds built up during the afternoon, but as the vehicles climbed toward the rim