Daily Diary: Duba Plains – Animals in the Ethereal mist and Silver – Eye and her pride go on a hunt

A busy, busy day.

As planned, the ODP Safari group headed out really early to try and catch up with the lions. Both prides that had been seen in the previous days had not eaten for a while and were therefore sure to be hungry.

This morning was lovely and very misty, and as the first golden rays of the sun began to pierce the mist, the pride of seven lions appeared … it was almost ethereal as they materialised from nowhere.

The pride proceeded to have great fun. They used the mist to stalk each other, ambushing and pouncing unexpectedly, playing, rolling around, and frolicking happily, giving the photographers ample opportunity to capture some amazing images. The lighting, the mist, and the action all combined to create an unbelievable atmosphere, and the cameras worked hard to record the really special time.

The group decided to go in search of the buffalo. They had been left with Silver-Eye in close proximity yesterday.

The journey took longer than expected because the mist and lighting produced more and more wonderful opportunities as lechwe,