Daily Diary: Duba Plains – Lions chase buffalo chase lions chase buffalo

Finding lions in the bush can be challenging and all too often, it is a matter of chance.

In some areas there are certain clues which need to be linked together to enable those who know how to track them.

Because today was the last day of the current safari, everyone wanted (again) to experience every moment, and before sunrise, they were in the Plains in search of the lions and buffalo who had been so very close together yesterday.

There was a thick mist again, making magical photography.

Now, how to find the lions and buffalo on those vast Plains. The first clue is to watch out for the Cattle Egrets. They return to the buffalo in the very early dawn from their overnight roosting places. So, follow the egrets, and there are the buffalo.

Now, knowing that the lions are close by, it is simply a matter of circling the herd if buffalo in ever increasing circles until they are found.

And yes, Silver-Eye and her pride are indeed encountered less than 800 meters from the herd.