Chobe River Photo Safari: Return to the Beautiful Chobe …

Brendon Reports from the Chobe River Safari on the Pangolin Voyager:

After everyone arrived at around in Kasane at midday on Monday, we boarded the tender boat for our transfer to the luxurious Pangolin Voyager – our houseboat home for the next few days …

After a delicious afternoon bite to eat we settled in and had a chance to look around. The river looks lush and picturesque, and we could hardly wait to head out for our first boat cruise.

We didn’t expect for a moment that there would be quite so much to see and to photograph.

There were plenty of elephants and most of them were close to our boat. They were feeding along the banks of the river and didn’t seem to mind that we approached with our large cameras.

A large herd of buffalo grazed peacefully while a number of them ambled down to the river to drink, and it was great to see quite a large number of Puku here and there.

Then of course one just has to mention the prolific bird life. Colourful Malachite Kingfishers nested along the banks and perched on the reeds and small branches over the river, creating a vivid blue splash of colour when they hovered over the water before diving to catch a fish. Pied Kingfishers were everywhere, with plenty of action as they fished along the river. Spoonbills could be seen in the shallows, while Spurwing Geese, Yellow-billed Storks, Black Herons, Woolly-necked Storks, and so many more (too many to list here) could be seen in abundance.

W stopped for sundowners close to a few venerable old ‘dagga boys’ (buffalo bulls) that were feeding along the banks. We waited for the sun to dip toward the horizon to get those iconic shots with the red-orange orb of the sun and the glowing sunset behind them. We used fill-in flash to illuminate the buffalo in the foreground.

So altogether we had a great start to the trip and everyone is looking forward to experiencing the river for the next few days …