Chobe River Photo Safari: Idyllic, Peaceful Serondela …

Brendon Reports from the Chobe River Safari aboard the Pangolin Voyager:

There was no problem getting up early, with all the anticipation about the experiences waiting for us on the river, and we set out again before early sun rays lit the river with the most beautiful colours.

We headed to the rapids again, and arrived in time for another spectacular sunrise. We were delighted to experience a morning similar in many ways to the day before. There were plenty of birds again, and lots of action around the heronries. Many of the herons were building nests, flying back and forth industriously, while others already had chicks and were equally busy flying back and forth to feed their brood.

Numerous hippos were particularly busy this morning around the rapids, snorting and blowing regularly, while crocodiles watched from the banks of the river or from where they floated, pretending to a harmless logs adrift in the water.

We saw African Skimmers again at the mouth of the Kasai Channel.

A couple of African skimmers, having a territorial dispute, captured on the Chobe River, Botswana

And once again Yellow-billed Storks, Spoonbills, Rock Pratincoles, Pygmy Geese, and Water Thick-knees kept us busy as the hours slipped by.

After we returned to the houseboat, we cruised upstream to anchor at Serondela where we are at present.

This afternoon we headed out on the photographic boats. On previous occasions (in fact, for the last eight years), we have seen a large python here and we decided to check out the tree where he has lived for all that time. And sure enough, there he was! And amazingly enough, we found another python later. Two pythons in one afternoon! The second one was somewhat smaller than the first, and he was in another tree, further up the river, but a great sighting for all …

There were some different bird species in the area, including Black-crowned Night Herons, White-backed Night Herons, and a very photogenic, colourful and cooperative Half-coloured Kingfisher.

Further up the river we photographed hippos again and then spent the remainder of our time with a large herd of elephants. About fifty or sixty came down to the river to drink and splash around the boat, and our wide-angle lenses were used again for those ultra closeup shots. The elephants were all around us as we parked up against the bank and we both remained there until sunset, when we needed to use our flashes for decent photographs.

So after another amazing day, relaxing on the boat, enjoying predinner drinks just has to be one of those indescribable life pleasures. And ahhh, there is more waiting for us tomorrow …