Chobe River Photo Safari: Where Animals and Birds Abound …

Ben’s News from the Chobe River Safari on the Pangolin Voyager:

Hello from Chobe, where I finally have a signal to share some of the wonder and beauty that abounds here.

To start, we are on the Pangolin Voyager – such a pleasure! And we have already been here for a few days, having a fabulous time on the Chobe River.

We leave the houseboat every morning and evening to go out on the photographic boats to explore the river and side channels. We have photographed a plethora of wildlife, as diverse as one can image – everything from the abundant bird life that includes Pygmy Geese, African Jacanas, Yellow-billed Storks, African Skimmers, Fish Eagles, and Kingfishers – to large herds of elephants that gather along the banks of the river. There has been plenty of action and interaction among the elephants. We have photographed them drinking, bathing in the water, sand-dusting, and swimming.

Troops of baboons have kept us entertained with their amusing antics, and we actually spent the whole of this morning capturing backlit and side-lit images of a troop of baboons.

The Yellow-billed Storks also kept us busy this morning as they fished, tossed their prey up into the air, and then caught the fish again half way along the length of the beak.

So the mixture of bird life and animals has been wonderful, and we have hardly had a moment for our cameras to rest. The river is so rich in the diversity it attracts.

We have only seen one big cat – a lioness, but she wasn’t close enough for good shots.

And one cannot end without mentioning the breathtaking sunrise and sunset scenes along the river. Capturing a bird, or herd of elephants against that vibrant backdrop creates photographs that are simply outstanding.

So all in all, we have had a stupendous time here on the river, and although we all return to civilisation tomorrow, plans are already forming to return …