Chobe Pangolin Voyager: Wild Dogs at the River

Brendon’s News from the Chobe Pangolin Voyager: Wild Dogs at the River

We have a number of keen birders on this trip,

8 ODP Group Brendon BOC-1

all very anxious to capture some really good images of Fish Eagles … not difficult in this part of the world, where we saw many flying past, –


– catching fish, eating in nearby trees or stumps – or on the banks of the river. In fact there are so many of these majestic Eagles around here that it is not surprising that we were able to photograph quite a number of territorial disputes that broke our regularly.

But before we even get to that – soon after we set out on the river this morning we found a pack of five Wild Dogs close to the river. It was fabulous to see them, even though they didn’t actually approach the water for a drink while we were there.

Lilac-breasted Rollers added to the color of the unfolding scene around us – and we were lucky enough to find one nesting in a tree stump right next to the river. Not to be outdone in the color department there were Carmine Bee-eaters, and much to the delight of the group we saw plenty of Pied Kingfishers, Giant Kingfishers, Purple Herons, Squacco Herons, Darters, Cormorants, and African Skimmers (among others!) The Skimmers kept us busy with their dizzying aerobatics and of course cameras clicked away nonstop.

As if that wasn’t enough, the pods of hippos that we came across were very active, sending sprays of water into the air while huge crocodiles lazed along the banks of the river.

8 Crocodile Brendon BOC-1

We returned to the houseboat close to lunch time and then enjoyed the passing scenes as we moved upstream to Serendela – it is difficult to imagine that there could be a more idyllic, peaceful, heavenly spot anywhere on our planet. It is such a treat to be back here!

And when we went out on our photographic boats for our afternoon excursion, there seemed to be birds and animals everywhere.

In addition to the Fish Eagles, kingfishers and other birds that we photographed this morning we now saw Malachite Kingfishers and Black-crowned Night Herons.

There were numerous herds of elephants, including one herd of about 25 that swam across the river not far from us – a wonderful sight! And a pod of hippos lying on the banks of the river suddenly lumbered up and into the water, splashing and sending waves in all directions – watched with curiosity by a herd of giraffe.

We ended up in the Savannah Backwater in time for sunset, where a herd of elephants looked stunning against the beautiful sky.

Sunset Elephants Brendon Chobe Pangolin Voyager-1

Tomorrow we would like to concentrate on even more birds …

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