Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: Lions!

Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: Lions!

Brendon Reports:

(Photos from Brendon’s Camera Screen)

Being our last full day in this beyond description, sublime area, we set out early, determined to make the most of every moment.

We started with a trip to the Savannah Backwaters. Along the way we photographed a number of the awesome birds that abound along the river. Lesser-striped Swallows flitted around fussily close to their nests while beautiful Wire-tailed Swallows looked stunning against the golden colours of the early morning.

We spent some quality time with White-fronted Bee-eaters at their nesting colonies on the banks of the river.

And while not concentrating on other birds, there were always plenty of Malachite Kingfishers and Pied Kingfishers absolutely everywhere. In fact the Malachites are doing exceptionally well – I have never seen such an abundance of them anywhere or at any time before! If you want fishing, diving images, just point your camera!

6 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 4

In addition there were a few elephant bulls that arrived at the waters edge for a splash and a drink. They always look so wonderful! And in the river we encountered a number of hippo pods.

6 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 3

We returned to the Houseboat at Serondela for nourishment, to relax – and to gloat over our morning’s photographic haul.

This afternoon we headed slowly back towards the Savannah Backwaters … our favourite spot to catch a dramatic sunset and to enjoy sundowners – with plenty of wildlife to add to the pleasure. Again we photographed many pods of hippos, –

6 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 5

– smallish herds of elephants, and of course the ever-present Malachite Kingfishers and Pied Kingfishers. I sometimes forget to mention the beautiful Fish Eagles – they are here, and are always a pleasure to see, hear – and they make a fabulous photographic subject – like one this afternoon that perched on a stump to preen his immaculate feathers.

At Savannah Backwaters we spent time with the resident pod of hippos, –

6 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 1

– plus crocodiles that lay inert on the banks or drifted silently in the water – and loads of water birds busily feeding in the shallows. There were Yellow-billed Storks, Sacred Ibis, Spoonbills, different Gull Species.

Just as the sun dipped toward the horizon we spotted a pride of six lions. .They were all lionesses and rocked up at Savannah Backwaters. They lay a short distance from the water’s edge, watching the local activities. It is always so very special to see lions from the river.

6 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 2

Another amazing sunset kept our cameras busy all the way back to our floating lodgings – our final evening here was perfection.

In the morning, then, we may return to the Backwater to see if the lions spend the night there …