Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: Lions Nearly Catch – a What?!

Daily Bulletin from Villiers:

We decided to spend the morning photographing the different birds on the river as they fished. Malachite Kingfishers, Pied Kingfishers, Half-collared Kingfishers hovered, dipped and dived – some emerging with a fish which they took to the edge of the river to a tree stump to smash and eat.


A Fish Eagle caught such a large fish that it could almost not fly … it struggled and struggled, and finally made it to the edge of the river where it could catch its breath and start to eat that huge meal.

Eagle fishing

At Puku Flats we found about a thousand buffalo – with Oxpeckers busily doing their thing as they hopped and clambered around on backs, heads, noses, and in ears.

This afternoon the houseboat was moved slowly back to where we started on day one. We headed to the Savannah Backwater where around five hundred elephants kept us busy and entertained for ages. Dust-bathing, splashing in the water, squirting themselves and each other – they did it all. And the little ones were typical children as they chased each other, tried to push each other into the water and generally had a hilarious time.


Then, to cap it all, as the sun started to set, they came walking past us in single file, some throwing dust into the air in front of the fiery ball, and created image after image – after image! What a special treat!

If that were not enough for an amazing day – on the way back we spotted four lions on the bank. One female and three males were at the water’s edge and we had to use very slow shutter speeds in the dusky light.

Suddenly – what was that?

Sauntering along, totally unaware of the danger just ahead came a Brown Hyena. Closer and closer it came! We watched, hearts thudding as the gap closed …

But the lions saw him and started to stalk him … and in a flash they leaped after him – charging at full speed. He fled, running as fast as he could with the lions a meter behind him – and gaining.

How he got away is a mystery, but he did – and that was how our wonderful day ended, this time the wonderful tranquility was replaced with intense excitement! Who could ask for more?

Tomorrow morning we will enjoy our final excursion in this beautiful paradise, and we intend to relish every moment …