Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: A Magical Day from Sunrise to Sunset …

Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: A Magical Day from Sunrise to Sunset …

Brendon Reports:

(Photos from Brendon’s Camera Screen)

We left the houseboat very early – just as the sun started to peep above the beautiful river, turning everything to a rich orange-gold colour!

We wanted to concentrate on the nesting Kingfishers and certainly captured some superb Malachite Kingfisher shots. There were also loads and loads of other different species, including Purple Herons, Squacco Herons, Pied Kingfishers (everywhere!), Little Bitterns, Black Crakes, Jacanas, … the list goes on and on …

Our photos of the Malachite Kingfishers were possible the highlight of the early morning, and many of our shots are quite outstanding. The beautiful birds are nesting in the banks and they are frequently found sitting very near to their nests, where they were more relaxed. We were able to drift up really close for some amazing photography.

After filling our memory cards we moved down towards the Mpelele Rapids next to Mpelele Island where we spent some quality time photographing Cormorants and Yellow-billed Storks as they came in to land at their nests. There were dozens of chicks in the trees … after a very successful breeding season. We captured fabulous flying shots as well as beautiful shots of the birds in the water while Spotted Thick-knees watched curiously from the edges of the river.

After returning to the Houseboat we left the Kasai Channel and moved to Kasika – back on the main Chobe River.

We had a fabulous afternoon excursion. There are so many elephants here and they always make a wonderful subject for photos when they arrive at the river to drink, splash, and spray themselves and each other.

We also saw a large number of buffalo along the river banks … and of course the bird life here is also stupendous. We found the regal Fish Eagles, and Pied Kingfishers busily fishing – with remarkable success. The Kingfishers made great splashes as they dived into the river and then emerged with droplets spraying around them like a fountain.

8 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 3

Later this eveing we headed to the Savannah Backwaters where we hoped to find lions, but we just missed them. However, the hippos were cavorting splashily, –

8 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 2

– and baboons entertained us with their antics in the surrounding trees, bushes and as they chased each other back and forth in a series of games with obscure rules.

There was a magnificent sunset and to our delight we found a few African Skimmers skimming in the red-orange-gold of the river. It was truly magical! And an awesome way to end a perfect day!

8 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 1

Tomorrow we head to another select spot on the river – Serondela …