Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: A Birders Paradise …

Chobe Pangolin Voyager Safari: A Birders Paradise …

Brendon Reports:

(Photos from Brendon’s Camera Screen)

How wonderful it is to be here – on the Chobe River!. We are on the luxurious Pangolin Voyager houseboat, and what a pleasure this is! The area looks amazing and the birdlife …! Well!!!

This was our first afternoon for this safari – and we find ourselves way up on the Kasai channel that branches off the main river, at a place called Squeaky Island!

After arriving at the boat from our meeting in Kasane we ventured out quite late in the afternoon, and our cameras immediately started to work overtime! The birdlife here is too fantastic to believe – you really have to experience it to absorb the massive numbers and different species that flit, perch and fly around almost nonstop.

9 Pangolin Brendon August 2016

There were iridescent Malachite Kingfishers that are currently nesting all along the river banks, –

9 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 2

– Purple Herons, –

9 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 3

– Squacco Herons, Pied Kingfishers, Yellow-billed Storks – and we even saw a Little Bittern. Of course there were Fish Eagles, looking majestic and calling with that unmistakable sound that echoes across the water. These are just a few of the colourful mob that come to mind, but there were many, many more. Oh, the photography was simply outstanding.

This evening we can see a number of Black-crowned Night Herons around the boat – and the sunset is quite breathtaking …

9 Pangolin Brendon August 2016 1

Tomorrow the boat moved down to Kasike where birds and wildlife abound, whereas here on the Kasai Channel the focus is birds, birds, birds …