Chobe Pangolin Voyager: Elephant Herds Queue to Cross the River

Brendon’s News from the Chobe Pangolin Voyager:

As before, we wanted to start the morning with the Fish Eagles – and lucky for us they were marvelous again. They have been the highlight for almost everyone on this trip.

2 Brendon Chobe Voyager BOC_1036-1

Our morning laughs were provided by a very curious troop of baboons, up to their mischievous antics as they cavorted around, chasing, hiding, eating, drinking, and generally enjoying the early morning as much as we enjoyed watching them.

2 Brendon Chobe Voyager Baboon BOC_1039-1

There were plenty of Pied Kingfishers hunting and diving into the water, and not far away a herd of elephants arrived to drink.

What could be more idyllic?

We saw many types of herons, including Squacco Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons, and a White-backed Night Heron on one of the river banks.

Then we saw a Python. We have seen him during previous years safaris, and it was great to see him flourishing – actually what we could see of him. He was lying in the hollow of a tree trunk, so we couldn’t see all of him, but it was a great sighting nonetheless.

2 Brendon Chobe Voyager Python BOC_1037-1

We found a Lilac Breasted Roller flitting back and forth but never straying far from her nest. We hoped that she would start feeding a chick, maybe – but if there are eggs, they possibly have not hatched yet. We got some lovely takeoff and landing shots, but she did not actually go into the nest at all.

The houseboat returned to its mooring at Kasika, and this afternoon we thought that we would concentrate on animals for a while. We photographed hippos, buffalo bulls, plenty of elephants, and crocodiles, and a lovely herd of kudu that arrived at the water to drink, but then we spotted some African Spoonbills, and we were back with the birds!

The Spoonbills were followed by Squacco Herons, Jacanas, and a Giant Kingfisher sitting on a dead tree stump from where he went fishing from time to time, and where he brought the fish that he captured to be eaten.

Then we saw elephants crossing the river as I have never seen them before … it was amazing! fabulous!

It happened again close to the houseboat where we saw crossings on the previous days. There were about seven herds that crossed from one island to another. Herd after herd! We actually saw them queuing up on the banks, waiting patiently for the herd ahead of them to swim across, and when that herd reached its destination, the next hers started to swim across, while the next herd moved to the edge of the water and watched before they also started their swim.

Then they all congregated on the Namibian side of the river, and a few tussles broke out as they tossed sand onto each other!

Finally we found yet another herd of elephants feeding along the water’s edge at sunset – looking just fabulous against the darkening sky.

2 Brendon Chobe Voyager  Eles Night BOC_1034-1

2 Brendon Chobe Voyager Eles Night BOC_1035-1


Tomorrow is our final morning here and as you can guess – we plan to head back to the Fish Eagles for our farewell shots …

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