Chobe Pangolin Voyager: A Very Full Day as we Return to Kasane

Brendon’s News from the Chobe Pangolin Voyager: A Very Full Day as we Return to Kasane

Another beautiful morning greeted us as we climbed into the photographic boats and set off, full of expectation for another fabulous day, and because yesterday had been so successful, delivering exactly what we were after, we decided to do the same again.

6 Brendon Chobe Voyager BOC Ellies 2-1

So off we went to Elephant Beach, where once again the Fish Eagles were spectacular, flying, catching fish close to us, perching nearby to eat, plus many more of those awesome aerial combats as they battled each other for fish.

6 Brendon Chobe Voyager  Fish Eagle-1

As always there was plenty more to photograph than just the Fish Eagles. Skimmers treated us to some more magnificent aerial displays, although we did not manage to see them skimming. We also added to our growing collections of images that included Lilac-breasted Rollers, Carmine Bee-eaters, Little Bee-eaters, African Openbills, Goliath Herons, Purple Herons … the list goes on and on.

Besides the birds there were also large herds of Impalas, Elephants, Water Monitors and the ubiquitous Crocodiles and Hippos.

6 Brendon Chobe Voyager BOC Hippo Face-1

When we returned to the Chobe Voyager Houseboat it was time for that beautiful, busy journey back to Kasane, where we moored at Kasibe Island.

During the journey we were lucky enough to see three different herds of elephants swimming across the river from island to island. They swam right in front of us – meters away! It was fabulous!

6 Brendon Chobe Voyager BOC Ellies Swim-1

During our afternoon excursion, in addition to the birds we have seen so frequently, we also photographed Spoonbills, Grey Herons, Marabou Storks, and White Storks.

We found an island with a number of dagga boys (Buffalo Bulls) that were soaking up the afternoon sun while their attendant Yellow-billed Oxpeckers scurried all over doing their job of searching for parasites. The dagga boys often make their way across the river to different islands as a means of gaining some protection from the ever-present predators in the area.

We made our way back to Elephant Beach, where a herd of elephants arrived as though on cue. The looked magnificent in the deepening golden light.

Because Savannah Beach has been a successful spot to visit at sunset, we made sure that we were in place before the sun dipped too close to the horizon. And there a herd of 8 or 9 giraffe arrived. We tried very hard to place ourselves in a position to capture them against the huge extra bright red ball of the setting sun, but each time we maneuvered ourselves into position the giraffes wandered away. We had great fun trying to get the perfect shot, and although we didn’t get exactly what we were trying for, we all managed a series of the stately animals against the glorious colors of the sky.

6 Brendon Chobe Voyager BOC Giraffe Sunset-1

Tomorrow morning will bring the final excursion for this group of ODP Safari guests and we plan to make the most of every moment …

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