Chobe Pangolin Safari: Elephants As Far As We Could See!

Wim’s News:
A large herd of elephants was at the river very early this morning. And again the river was totally flat, with reflections undisturbed by the smallest ripple. The mirror-like quality gave us hours of beautiful photographs and of course we took full advantage of the opportunity.

                                 photo 3-1

Two buffalo came down to the river for a drink and when we stopped to photograph them, they surprised us by walking right up to the boat, and then passed us less that two meters away. The Oxpeckers on their backs scrutinised us carefully, but there were no alarm calls.

And this afternoon we again saw elephants – but this time they numbered in the hundreds. Elephants as far as the eye could see were frolicking in the water, swimming, spraying, playing … and not only the youngsters … the whole enormous herd was splashing around.

                                                        photo 3

Up at Elephant Bay we found a large herd of baboons. They were also playing – and eating – and fighting. 

An exposed cliff on the river has provided an ideal nesting place for Little Bee-eaters.

                                                      photo 4-1

Again, we drifted really close to get images of the birds as they entered or emerged from their nesting holes.

                                             photo 5-1

We hoped to see the herd of lechwe in the channel where we encountered them yesterday, so we went to the spot to watch the sunset. Our luck was in. Just as the sun tipped the horizon, the lechwe again started to cross the channel through the meter deep water to the safety of the mainland where they spend their nights. Because of the depth of the water, immense splashes and big jumps looked spectacular against the vibrant setting sun.

This paradise waits for us again tomorrow …