Chobe Pangolin Safari: A Black Sparrowhawk Attacks an Egyptian Goose

Wim in Chobe:  
Although it was somewhat cloudy when we set out this morning, by daylight the clouds were breaking up –

                                 photo 4-2

– until there were clumps and wisps of clouds around, and we photographed a magical sunrise.

                                photo 1-2

The light was crystal clear and sharp, –

                                  photo 3-2

– perfect for bird photography. And of course the bird life as always was spectacular.

When we noticed a Black Sparrowhawk hunting we manoeuvred the boat closer, just in time to see it dive into a group of Egyptian Geese. It was a very near miss, and for just a second we all thought that the goose had been caught.

A quick visit to the hippos showed that they were back on honeymoon, with plenty of chases, splashes, grunts to accompany their mating behaviour.

There is always something interesting to see – even the vegetation takes on a life of its own ..

                                    photo 5-2

The area where we had seen the crocs feasting on the dead hippo still has a large number of the reptiles converged in a smallish area. They were either on the river banks or floating a meter or so below the surface of the water. An amazing sight to see!

All in all it was a wonderful morning to end our safari, and farewells at the airport were made with promises to return -ASAP! 

                                                                photo 2-2

Till next time …