A Cheetah Kill In Front of our Vehicle …

Dawie Reports from the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

The extra early morning start meant that we were able to see a magnificent, vibrant sunrise. We took the dune route again to photograph the plentiful Plains animals that frequent that area.

Then to our delight we found an African Wild Cat. It was in the fork of one of the acacia trees and actually posed well for us. We could see the little cat clearly and were even able to take our time to ensure really clear photographs.

We photographed plenty of birds as we started a slow drive back to the Lodge. We spotted an ostrich with young chicks that were darting back and forth. The chicks looked so cute in the dunes as they scurried back and forth in a group.

Close to the Lodge we found a female cheetah with two cubs. It was wonderful to see her and everyone was very excited. When she disappeared over a ridge we returned to the Lodge for a meal and a brief rest before our final afternoon game drive.

As we headed out after our rest, one of the first animals that we saw – we were hardly out of the gates and still on the Lodge driveway when a shape appeared on a dune ridge. It was the female cheetah. We followed her, and saw that she was very interested in a herd of Springbok. She followed them while we watched, and she actually gave a chase, causing all our guests much excitement. But the hunt failed that time and the tired cheetah flopped down under a bush where it looked as though she would not stir for quite a while.

We had heard lions and decided to go in search of them. But no luck there.

On the way back to the Lodge we saw the cheetah again. She was still hunting and we were in time to stop and watch all the action. She crept closer and closer to the unsuspecting springbok. She singled out one of the herd and closed in. Our guests could barely breathe with excitement! What would happen next?

Suddenly the cheetah broke cover and as the saying goes, the rest was history. She took down the springbok right in front of us. It was so exciting that we had to keep reminding our guests to take those once in a lifetime photographs. The drama and adrenaline rush was so much that I guess there will be a few shaky images. But everyone did get some good shots …

The mother cheetah was soon joined by her cubs and the three settled down to feed.

It was an amazing ending to a fabulous safari. We are looking forward to the next …