Our Camp Visitors Return for Another Visit …

Hendri Shares a Day on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

We left the Lodge earlier than ever because the reserve gates open earlier from August. Most of the guests were really keen to see a giraffe as they had never seen one in the Wild before, and that became one of our missions for the day. We crossed over to the dunes. We searched and were lucky enough to find exactly what the guests hoped for – not only giraffe, but also other Plains animals like springbok that some people could photograph in the same frame.

On the dune road we saw plenty of raptors, korhaan, and jackals.

The Lodge supplied a delicious brunch for us and we chose a beautiful picnic spot to stop and enjoy our delicious repast.

We travelled all the way to Twee Rivieren, passing so many animals on a way that a full list would be tedious and boring. But for us it was wonderful to spot and to photograph the variety. As always the antics of the meerkats demanded a stop and plenty of delightful shots. At Twee Rivieren we made a quick pit stop and the guests took the opportunity to buy souvenirs.

Back at the Lodge we rested for a short while before we set out again for an afternoon drive. Our aim was to locate the lions again, but although we saw plenty of tracks, and followed the fresh prints, we had no luck.

As always there was plenty to see – general game everywhere, and jackals that prowled around. We even spotted Bat-eared foxes that were hunting in the late afternoon sun.

We were close to the Lodge when we spotted a herd of Springbok. And were they ever having fun! They played, jumped, did their ‘pronking’ leaps that intrigued everyone.

Back at the Lodge we had visitors again. This time a lioness with two one-year old cubs was drinking at the waterhole next to the camp. When they left the waterhole they took a stroll right through the camp again on the walkway, examining everything around them as they made their way along.

So for the second night we have had lions right here in the camp. Needless to say the guests are thrilled and messages are flying to different continents to share the excitement …

Tomorrow we have a surprise for the guests …