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Brendan’s News from Namibia: Another Busy Day at the Waterholes …

Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife Safari:

Brendan’s News from Namibia: Another Busy Day at the Waterholes …

We headed out straight from Okaukuejo to the Brownie Waterhole, hoping that it would be a successful as previously.

Once again plenty of Springbok and Zebra frequented the waterhole. In fact, hardly a moment passed without animals arriving, drinking, and then leaving slowly. Gemsbok also visited in large numbers, and the busy little Namaqua Sand grouse are always a delight to see and to photograph.

2 Juan van den Heever-042-42

There was quite a bit of interaction as zebras galloped around, ostriches chased each other back and forth, and Springbok and Gemsbok challenged each other again and again, sparring with determination and then calling a truce as suddenly as a confrontation started.

2 Juan van den Heever-074-70

During lunch we heard reports of lions not too far away, and immediately after our midday break we headed out to find the big cats. We found them, but when we caught up with the pride they were lying flat in the midday sun, fast asleep. So we returned to the Brownie waterhole to photograph the stream of visitors that may be seen there all day long.

As the afternoon progressed towards evening we returned to lions and were able to photograph them in the golden afternoon light as they started to wake up. We got some fabulous shots this time.

Last night we enjoyed another fabulous time at the Okaukuejo Lodge water hole. Again large numbers of elephants arrived to bathe and drink. Numerous Black Rhino visited again, with giraffe also slaking their thirst.

And not only did we have Spotted Hyenas arriving quietly in the dark. A very special guest in the form of a Brown Hyena also arrived. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph this rather rare animal. It was simply amazing!

Tomorrow we would like to follow up on those lions …


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