Botswana Overland Safari – Savuti: In an Animal Paradise

Botswana Overland Safari – Savuti … from Wim: In an Animal Paradise

We enjoyed an exciting morning tracking lion spoor that we found as we left the Lodge. Plenty of lion tracks headed in the direction of the marsh area, and after a short while we determined that the lions were tracking a herd of buffalo.
Last night we heard that sounds of buffalo – lion scuffles had been heard, and now we we right behind the ‘deadly enemies’.
We caught up with the buffalo without any problems, and circled round and around them – but no sign of the lions?
While searching for the lions we also found leopard tracks and as these were very fresh we followed them to a tree where the leopard had stashed a carcass. But again, no leopard in sight.
But although predators add to the excitement and anticipation of a game drive, they are not all there is to see and photograph in this spectacular part of the world.It really is like being in an animal paradise – and we relish each spectacular scene, encounter, and experience. Large herds of elephant are found around every corner, and the amount of general game means that one hardly has time to rest ones camera.
6 Ele Eye Villiers
This afternoon we went to the Savuti Channel to poke around and see what was there. We were photographing a herd of elephant coming down to drink at the water when another vehicle caught up with us, with a report of a leopard a kilometer or so away.
We found a female leopard drinking from the clear waters of the channel, and the absolutely still water reflected her image perfectly – a mirror could not have done better.
6 Leopard Wim 900-87
The sun was just setting, and the lovely golden light all around was exactly what we needed for those fabulous shots.
We are back at the Savuti Elephant Lodge – and what a Lodge! Luxury indeed! All the rooms have spectacular views over the bushveld, the food is scrumptious – and after a long day in the vehicle, this is a dream!
Tomorrow we plan to meet up with the buffalo again, hoping that the lions may have a hunt in mind ….
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