Botswana Overland Safari – Savuti: An African Wildcat

Botswana Overland Safari – Savuti … Wim reports: An African Wildcat

Although we didn’t see too much predator activity today, there was so much else that there was almost no time for any serious searches.
Actually, there were lion and later leopard tracks all over the place, but we didn’t manage to catch up with either.
But meanwhile the many elephant herds, large herds of zebra, –
5 Zebra Wim 232
– lechwe,… and other general game, and fabulous bird life kept us really busy. Everyone was particularly delighted when we found a Crimson-breasted Shrike. This was a first for some in of our group. A group of White-headed Vultures sat in trees looking very somber. And a Fish Eagle had our cameras out at it fished busily in the river, while African Jacanas trotted on the lily pads in the river.
5 Wim Jacana-293
When we went to Harvey’s Pan we were in for for the encounter of the day – an African Wildcat – and this one was not very shy, allowing us to spent quite some time capturing really special images.
When a herd of Roan Antelope arrived at the pan we were beyond delight! The trip to the that area was successful, to say the least.
The sunset was really vibrant this evening, and as we quickly looked around for a suitable foreground, a herd of buffalo hove into view. Perfect! The backlit shots of the buffalo against that blazing orange-crimson sky were exactly what was needed to end another wonderful day in the bush.
We haven’t given up on the predators and hope to find fresh tracks again in the morning …

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