Botswana Overland – Khwai Lodge Safari: Dinner in the Sticks

Botswana Overland Safari – Khwai Lodge … from Wim:

Picture this – a pitch black sky with millions of glittering stars, a crescent moon sinking rapidly to the horizon, large tree and bush shapes all around – and then listen to the sounds of the wild out there – a hyena in the distance, scuffling nearer, an owl, typical bush sounds all around … and add to this the smells of the African bush intermingling with the delicious aromas of our dinner being prepared as we enjoy a predinner drink. All this as far as can be from any sights, sounds, or smells of civilization.

This was where our dinner was served tonight – in a boma far from the Lodge – in fact, far from everything except nature. Raw, untamed nature, as the area has been forever and a day.

But I have started at the end of our day, so let’s return to this morning when we set out on our determined quest to find the Wild Dogs. We found tracks, and as we followed these we found Leopard tracks. We didn’t find the dogs or the leopard, but we found four lions relaxing peacefully as they stretched out together on a termite mound. Four lionesses were accompanied by a large male who hardly bothered to open his eyes or lift his head to see who had arrived or what was making all those clicking sounds as our cameras filled with images of the foursome.

Then, our stop for refreshments ..

Group Khwai

The afternoon brought more luck in the Wild Dog area. We finally found them and followed them for simply ages as they headed northward. We captured some great images as they trotted along, and when they reached a wide open plain the photography was really good, especially as by now the late afternoon light was just perfect, with a lovely golden glow.

Wim van den Heever-1299-486

When the dogs disappeared into the dense Mopane thickets that border the plain, we headed to the boma for our very welcome dinner out in the sticks.

Tomorrow we may try to find those leopard tracks again …