Botswana Khwai, Savute, Chobe Safari: The Lionesses Get their Buffalo

Fanus Shares from the Botswana Khwai, Savute, Chobe Safari: The Lionesses Get their Buffalo …

We wanted to follow up on the ‘Pride with no Name’ first this morning – they were hunting yesterday and would surely resume again at first light.

That was the plan, but as always in the bush, opportunities spring upon one at any moment. And so it was that within a single kilometer after leaving the camp this morning we bumped into a pack of Wild Dogs – and they were setting out on a hunt. We followed the pack across plains, through shallow water, and waited as they dashed into thickets and emerged again to continue the hunt.

8 Dogs Wim Wild Dogs-1035-222

We captured some of the best images that we have managed ever before of Wild Dogs – that is certainly true for me! – as they frolicked with each other, interacted, jumped, drank water, splashed in the shallows – and resumed the hunt. Thank you to Coralise Bennani for her excellent image of one of the dogs …

8 Coralie Benade Wild Dogs Khwai-1

In the end the hunt was unsuccessful and we left the dogs to check on the lionesses – we had actually received a radio call that they were hunting the buffalo again and had already isolated a calf.

We dashed there, too late to witness and photograph the actual kill, but we were in time to see them settling down to feed. We spent the remainder of the morning with them as they fed and interacted with one one another.

8 Eating Lioness Wim-265-255

This afternoon we decided to give the predators a break and concentrate for a while on the other amazing game in the area. We parked near a river and enjoyed a wonderful time photographing a herd of elephants in and around the water. The river is crystal clear, a most beautiful sapphire blue, and with the lush green vegetation around, the scene was close to perfect – and the beautiful afternoon light ensured the type of photography we as wildlife photographers always hope for.

Then as the sun approached the horizon, the deepening colors were indescribably magnificent. It was fabulous, and we were able to practice some silhouette photography before switching to flash to capture the animals with that stupendous backdrop. Everyone agreed that that stop was one of their favorites.

Having given the predators a break for the afternoon, we will probably return to the lionesses in the morning to see how they are faring …

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