Botswana Khwai, Savute, Chobe Safari: Our Final Game Drive Delivers

Fanus Shares from the Botswana Khwai, Savute, Chobe Safari: Our Final Game Drive Delivers

We left for our final excursion on the river just as the sun turned the world through the clouds to vivid orange and pinks that reflected on the quiet surface of the river. It was beautiful! And silent except for the sound of our boat.

Besides the different animals arriving at the river for their early morning drinks, we were delighted to see a large herd of elephants approaching. Because we had taken so many close-ups yesterday, we remained at a distance from the herd today and used our long lenses to capture images that encompassed the surroundings or a number of elephants in one frame.

To our surprise the elephants turned towards us, and started to come closer and closer – giving us more opportunities for images as they approached.

1 Wim Elephant-835-22

Some of our safari guests were very keen to capture more Fish Eagle photographs. That is just so easy to do here and we found both single and pairs of the birds.

Then, on the way back to the Lodge to check out we passed an island with numerous African Skimmer nests visible. We stopped and before long a chick popped out. Amid the oohs and aahs our cameras took advantage of that special sighting! Meanwhile the adult Skimmers also kept us busy as they flew up, came down to land, flew up again – and a few actually started their unique skimming method of catching fish that gives them their name.

1 Wim_Skimmer-421

It was a really wonderful ending to an action-packed safari, and everyone has memory cards filled with images to peruse back at home – and to serve as a reminder for next time …

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