Back at Elephant Plains We See a leopard on our First Drive …

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains on the Sabi Sand Photo safari:

It is simply wonderful to be back at Elephant Plains to experience all the fabulous game drives and the sightings and surprises during each venture into the bush.

Shortly after everyone arrived and enjoyed a meal and a quick briefing we were ready to set out for our first drive. It was simply moments after we left the Lodge that we saw very fresh male leopard tracks. The leopard could not be far away. We followed the tracks but the elusive fellow stubbornly kept just a step ahead of us.

When a call came through from another ranger about a female leopard that they had located we decided to go there instead. We found the leopard walking around busily. She was marking her territory while looking for something to hunt. She became quite excited at each and every movement in the bush, and constantly searched for small prey.

We spent most of the evening with the leopard, following and photographing her until it was time to return to the Lodge.

After a good start to our safari, we hope that tomorrow will turn out to be as productive …