Back at Sabi Sand Reserve …

Dawie Shares His Wonderful Experiences from the Djuma Photo Safari:


Sabi Sand Reserve welcomed us with a much needed downpour! Rain is so essential here, and the refreshing, cleansing drizzle set the tone for our first drive. It has been rather dry here for years, and seeing the dams filling up was a joy. The Plains animals looked wonderful as they dripped in the wetness.


We heard a male lion calling again and again from the moment that we arrived at Djuma, and then finally we found him – a male lion that sat there in the rain. We struggled a bit to photograph him with our wet camera gear, but when he let out an almighty roar it was fabulous, magnificent and worth every moment.


Next morning was still a little damp when we set out, but there was no dampening of spirits. It didn’t take long to find a pride of lions. They were feeding on a buffalo kill, and we spent ages collecting photographs and watching the interaction between the members of the pride.


We moved on to photograph a herd of elephants before we returned to the Lodge.


The afternoon drive was one that we all dream about – especially when away from the bush for as long as we have been.


It stopped raining and the excitement started when we came across a pride that is seldom seen here – the Torchwood Pride. They were accompanied by the large Kruger Male, and three small Cubs. They were busy at a giraffe kill –

– and at first the little ones were very nervous – after all, they have not really seen us in the reserve for the entire three months that they have lived. They stared, peered, examined us from all angles, giving us some adorable photographs.

After an amazing time with the lions we drove around a little before it was time to return to the camp.

An excellent start after the very long break …