Ben Cranke

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Photographer Bio

ABOUT BEN Ben is a Namibian-born South African, who lives in London, UK. His passion for photography began as a young boy when his father gave him a second hand camera. His Veterinary Science degree strengthened his affiliation with the animal world and his desire to photograph them in their natural environment.   Ben’s penchant for the outdoors and his insatiable wunderlust has, amongst others, seen him climb mountains, inaugurate the Red Ape Trail in Borneo, sail across the Drake Passage and winter-ski across Norway’s snowy countryside.   Ben now combines both passions by leading specialist photographic tours to incredible destinations.   QUOTE FROM BEN: One of my favourite quotes, that epitomises exactly how I feel about the devastating impact humans are having on our environment, is “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time”