An Aerial Dispute …

Dawie’s Update from Ta Sebube Lodge on the on the Kgalagadi Photo Safari:

As planned we headed straight towards the Auob River as soon as we were able to leave the Lodge this morning. We wanted to follow up on the Cheetahs and also to check on the Cape Fox Den.

Exactly as previously, the little Cape Fox was lying outside his den when we arrived. He was right at the entrance to his den. This time he was far more relaxed, and instead of dashing into hiding when we arrived, he remained where he was. We were able to capture images from all different angles, and with different techniques until after half an hour or so we had to depart to make way for another vehicle.

We went in search of Wild Cats, and passed the usual wide variety and large numbers of Plains animals and numerous Meerkats and Ground Squirrels.

When we heard that lions had been spotted further along the Auob River we headed there and found two very handsome, healthy male lions. They were very sleepy as the morning was quite advanced, and they did little other than open an eye from time to time to check us out.

From there we turned towards Twee Rivieren where we needed to refuel our vehicles. We bumped into a Springbok with the tiniest little newborn youngster. Many of the females are heavily pregnant, but this was the first baby that we saw, and certainly one of the first of the season. It was still wet and rather wobbly on its legs, and we realised that it must have been born just a couple of hours before. It staggered around, trying to suckle from its mother. There were many oohs and aaahs as our cameras worked busily to capture images of the tiny lamb.

At Twee Rivieren we refuelled our vehicles and then took a slow meandering drive back to the Lodge for a latish brunch.

This afternoon we tried to find the Caracal again as we drove along the Nossob River. We stopped many times to photograph Gemsbok, Springbok, and Wildebeest. We practised high key photography again as the settings with dunes, dry riverbed, and the Camelthorn Trees were just perfect for the effect.

We noticed a wide variety of birds, including a Spotted Eagle Owl and later a Tawny Eagle. Our memory cards certainly filled up. Then just we had finished photographing the Tawny Eagle and prepared to leave, the Eagle was mobbed by Pale Chanting Goshawks, and a brawl erupted. It looked quite dramatic, but the confrontation was quite short lived and the goshawks suddenly flew away.

On our way back to the Lodge we spotted a very relaxed little African Wild Cat. He was very relaxed and didn’t mind our presence at all. And after that awesome encounter it was time to head back to the Lodge for our final evening on this safari.

Tomorrow we may just try to find that elusive Caracal again before our departure time …