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Capture world class wildlife photos as you join our prestigious photographic safaris and tours. Our safaris take you to not only highly sought after areas in the remotest corners of Africa but also to various mind-blowing destinations around the world.

Under the expert guidance of our internationally renowned Photographic Pro’s you are guaranteed unequaled results. We will host you on your Wildlife Photographic Safaris and make sure we are there for you every step of the way to help with all your needs.

Our Photographic Pro’s have accumulated an astonishing collection of top international photographic awards and feature regularly in the likes of the BBC Wildlife Awards, National Geographic, and Natures Best Awards to name but a few. Our in depth knowledge of both wildlife species and destinations guarantee your results with us!

After more than 10 years in the business our track record speaks for itself…!


Featured Destination

For this six night safari we travel to Canada to specifically photograph these Snowy Owls that have migrated south to escape the arctic winter. To find the birds we use the services of an experienced Canadian guide who starts looking for owls from early winter. Once found a few months are spent to habituate the birds to human presence to allow us within photographic distance.